Link-Up Care

Statement of Purpose

Link-Up Care is a Business offering support to customers and their families in the borough of Bridgend, promoting independence and inclusion for people with a ‘Learning Disability’ by offering a service that provides Personal Assistants (PAs) to support customers in line with current legislation governing Vulnerable Adults.

Link-Up Care will provide qualitative and competitive services to customers whilst promoting values of recognising people as individuals with rights, upholding their dignity & respect. We use a ‘Person Centered Planning’ (PCP) approach that enables customers to have an inclusive lifestyle.

Link-Up Care aims to Help customers (people with Learning disabilities living in the Bridgend Borough) to be more independent, which involves offering a service that provides ‘Personal Assistants’ (PAs) to support customers on an hourly or daily basis. Customers can share the cost by linking up with friends.

Personal Assistants (PA) will be recruited from many sources and will have varied life experiences. Each PA will complete a One Day ‘Induction Training’ seminar and will be expected to undertake on-going training, with the aim to reach a minimum qualification equal to NVQ level 2 in Social Care or ‘Health & Social Care Diploma’ (from 2011).

Link-Up Care will not provide any services through persons other than employees of Link-Up Care.

Link-Up care Service may cease to a customer if the customer’s demands, or behavior, is unacceptable. Before any services are withdrawn the Care Manager would undertake a Review of the customer’s needs, and if no suitable compromise can be made, then services may be withdrawn. Link-Up Care will liaise with the customer, their representatives and if necessary their social worker before any service is terminated.

Customers wishing to cancel their service with Link-Up Care could do so immediately.